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2007 Whitetail Recap

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Well the 2007 season has come to a close, but before I write off the season or what I called the "year of the deer" I would like to share a quick recap of how the season fared for 5 Star Outfitters.  There is no doubt 2007 will go down in the record books for being one of the finest whitetail seasons Texas has ever produced.   We started September off with high hopes of having an incredible year, and needless to say at the end of October we were extremely happy with the way the season was proceeding.  By this time we had harvested 10 deer over 130 B&C and 8 gold medal exotics, and our season hadn't even started.    We really didn't get down and dirty until November and let me tell you when it arrived we hunted almost every day until January 20th.  It was a lot of work but we love chasing whitetails.  When the dust settled the final tally showed our clients harvested 12 deer between 120 B&C & 149 B&C, and 28 deer over 150 B&C with the two largest scoring 208 B&C and 228 B&C.    We were also fortunate enough to harvest 20 exotics that will go gold medal and eight that will score well into the record books.

We would like to thank all of our clients that
participated in the making of our first whitetail hunting DVD.  The video was an absolute success. We filmed our clients harvesting 20 trophy bucks. I can assure you there's nothing more exciting than seeing a man harvest the biggest whitetail he has ever seen all the while being videoed. The video is called "5 Star Bucks" and it will be in stores soon. The DVD can be ordered now (see link on our homepage.) Thanks again to all of our clients - you are what makes us successful.