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South Texas Exotic Hunts

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Texas is home to over fifty different species of exotic animals, some of which you can no longer hunt in their native country! When hunting with 5 Star Outfitters you will find that its not all about the kill, we enjoy the camaraderie of hunting quality trophy animals. We would rather you go home empty handed versus shoot an animal that you're not totally happy with, saying that our exotic hunts have been 100% successful for the past 18 years. With countless number of trophies entered in the trophy books!! You will find that you truly have to hunt to harvest a quality animal.  Our exotic ranches have a very intense management system and program. Which allows us to harvest mature animals. We have our own breeding herds of oryx, gemsbok, eland, blackbuck, sable, mouflon, blesbok, addax, fallow, wildebeest, and zebra. We invite you to come hunt with us and experience the true beauty of Texas exotic hunting.

We offer full week safaris, or if you're looking for a quick hunt, most of our exotic hunts can be done over a weekend.

*If you'er looking for an exciting spring rut hunt call us regarding our Trophy Axis Hunts.  Our spring axis hunts are fun for the whole family.  


Our trophy exotic hunts are $200 a day per person guide fee, plus a trophy fee when you harvest your animal. This small fee includes food, drinks, lodging, guides, care of game, digital photos of your trophies, airport transportation, and transporting your trophies to a taxidermist.

2024 Exotic Pricing

Addax $8,500
Aoudad $7,500
Axis $5,500
Blackbuck $5,500
Black Hawaiian $4,500
Blesbok $8,500
Bongo $35,000
Bison $10,500
Cape Buffalo $45,000
Corsican $4,500
Chinese Water Deer $9,500
Dama Gazelle $8,500
Bull Elk (345 to 399) $14,500
Bull Elk (400 to 420) Call for Pricing
Bull Elk (420+) Call for Pricing
Eland $9,500
Fallow Deer $7,500
Gemsbok Oryx $10,500
Grants Gazelle $9,500
Hog Deer $10,500
Impala $9,500
Kudu $25,000
Markhor call for pricing
Nile Lechwe $12,000
Nilgia $6,500
Nyala $15,000
Kafue Lechwe $10,500
Scimitar Oryx (36+") $7,500
Pere David Deer $8,500
Pure Nubian Ibex (35"+) call for pricing
Pure Mouflon $6,500
Red Stag (up to 299) $9,500
Red Stag (300 to 340) $12,500
Red Stag (340+) Call for Pricing
Red Sheep $8,500
Roan $30,000
Sable $25,000
Sika Deer $6,500
Springbok $9,500
Thompson Gazelle $7,500
Waterbuck $8,500
Watusi Bull $7,500
Blue Wildebeest $10,500
Black Wildebeest $12,000
Zebra $9,500

Numerous other exotics available upon request!

All prices are subject to change based on ranch. All of our ranches have a 'you bleed it, you buy it' policy.

The pictures of my two huge elk (370+ B&C) have stirred quite a bit of interest. I need you to send me a couple dozen business cards. I meant to bring some with me but in the last minute rush I forgot to ask you. Nancy has interest in thinking about setting up a long weekend, like this one we had, next year for the entire family. That would probably be 8 or 9 of us... My Grandson could do something there and my Son and I might think about deer again. Keep it in mind. Thanks again for a great hunt!!

Don, FL

  • Non-resident adult 5 day small game license (exotics, javelina) $45.00
  • Non-resident youth 16 & under hunting license $6.00

Let us customize an exotic hunt that best fits you, or your group's needs!